the human.

Stiles Robin Stilinski.

"What, do I have a Ph.D. in lycanthropy?
How am I supposed to know that?"

The Sidekick,

"Don't be such a sourwolf."

[indie stiles rp account ]




[Text]: Well he certainly thinks so…

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[Text]: He’s happy, you should be too!



{Text}: They won’t jump on the bed, you said. They’ll leave him alone, you said.

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[Text]: Come on. That’s adorable!

Birthday Sex || aphdinlycanthropy



    { Her fingers slipped further under the waistband of his sweatpants when he moved to kiss her. She kissed him back urgently, waiting to see if he was going to pull away from the motions that her hands were making. Thumbs hooked under the waistband now, pulling them down and setting him free from the restraints of the fabric. }

   ”Where do you want it, Stilinski?”

[ He was completely lost in the way that her her lips moved and fingers grazed his skin. Ever since the third grade he had dreamnt of this moment (yes even then) and now it was actually happening. As to why he had no clue and definitely wasn’t going to ask in fear of ruining it. Instead he continued to kiss her back. That was, until the brisk air hit his already half-hardened member. ]

 ”Upstairs. Now.”

Ashely Sultana (Agent of SHIELD) RP Account

Marvel Cinematic Universe Based

5+ years roleplaying experience, 

♕ Mun is 18

 Can be NSFW [ will be tagged ]

♕ Multship and Multiverse

♕ Crossover and OC Friendly

♕ Can do para, script, gificons & gifs.

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       I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones. 
Sarcasm is my only defense.

Stiles Stilinski RP Account
 From the show “Teen Wolf”
♕ 5+ years roleplaying experience, 
♕ Mun is 18+
 Can be NSFW [ will be tagged ]
♕ Multship and Multiverse
♕ Crossover and OC Friendly
♕ Can do para, script, gificons & gifs.

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[ So I’m revamping this account. Certain threads will be dropped and I will message you personally if I want to. And that’s that. Hopefully this will make me feel better! ]

[ I’m getting offline for maybe the rest of the night or until late. Someone close to me has made me realize that I need to get rid of some of the negative energy in my life because maybe that’s what’s bringing me down. So, I’m gonna go do that. Be back tomorrow. ]




            “… Would it be a brutal murder?”
     Hey, it might be worth it for the fries. 

"I’ll go Peter Pettigrew style
    and only leave a finger.”


"Touch my fries,
    and I will kill you.”

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